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Olive Tree Media OTMIAS® 

Image Analysis Software

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is an image analysis software for use in biomedical research.

OTMIAS is available for both McOS and Windows platforms.

It can be used for these types of analysis:

Ads and product movies
Real estate

DNA Ploidy




About us


Olive Tree Media, LLC, is a small company formed to work on an image analysis solution that is easy to use, truly quantitative, and reproducible. The software, OTMIAS®, is the result of collaboration between a pathologist with years of experience in biomarker analysis and a software engineer, and took years to develop.  


We like to invite you to try OTMIAS, and we think you will be very pleased with it.  Use our video tutorials and our practice files to learn how it works, and you will start doing DNA policy cell cycle analysis and biomarker analysis in no time.


We are committed to bringing quantitative image analysis software to everyone who needs it.  If you cannot afford OTMIAS, or you just want to test it before buying it, please use the provided coupon numbers during checkout to download a free copy  of the software with a license for one full year.


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OTMIAS ® is an advanced image analysis software for quantitative biomarker analysis, cell cycle analysis (DNA ploidy),  proliferation assay, and apoptosis assay on sections of formalin fixed and paraffin embedded tissues or cells. OTMIAS ®  does not require dedicated hardware, so you may use your current microscope, digital microscope camera, and computer (see system requirements) . An illustrated step-by-step instructions can be found in the User Manual  included with the software., but it is better to use the video tutorials and download and read the QuickStart Guide file from this site. The software is marketed for research use only. 


The software is sold as one year (365 days) subscription license, but you can use the provided coupon codes to get a free one year license.


System requirements 


A PC computer with a modern Intel processor of 2.3 GHz or better and at least 16 GB of RAM running Windows 7 or 10,  64 bit with the latest updates. Increasing available RAM in your computer will improve OTMIAS® performance.


Apple Macintosh computer with a modern Intel processor of 2. 3GHz or better and at least 16 GB of RAM running MacOS 10.13.3 (High Sierra) with the latest updates. Increasing available RAM in your computer will improve OTMIAS® performance



QuickStart Guide

Download and read this short guide for important information about OTMIAS. It contains an overview of the main functions of OTMIAS, and a few basic but very important instructions to get you started correctly

Werbevideos und Produktfilme

DNA Ploidy Cell Cycle Analysis  practice file.

Click on the image above to download then unzip a folder named “DNA Ploidy practice” .  Use the three images inside this folder to practice DNA ploidy analysis.  It is important that you start with this module before learning  biomarker analysis or proliferative or apoptosis assays.


Biomarker Analysis practice file.

Click on the image above to download then unzip ta folder named “Biomarkers Analysis practice” . Use the four images inside it to practice biomarker analysis.  It is important that you learn to do DNA ploidy analysis first.


Coming soon!

This is a placeholder for future downloadable practice files for the proliferative (S-phase fraction) assay. Once we finish and upload the video tutorial, we will post the practice file to download here.

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Video Tutorials

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DNA Policy Analysis  

Video Tutorial

Biomarker Analysis

Video Tutorial

Proliferation / Apoptosis

Video Tutorial coming later


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Limited Time Offer: Get Free OTMIAS Software (one year license)


Follow these instructions to get your one year free license:


1. Go to the Online Store (click button above), select the appropriate version of OTMIAS software, click Buy Now.

2. Fill in your contact information then proceed to the next page. 

3. In the section titled “Your Order” copy and paste the coupon code into the empty square then click “Update Coupon” then proceed with the order.

4. The Coupon Code for the Mac version is: MWP6E9V4LDH774PA92M3V5HG

5. The Coupon Code for the Windows version is: HDF453K9A34Z77846NWZ493

6. Download and use the practice files at the bottom of this page.

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