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Image analysis solutions for biomedical research

Our company offers an advanced image analysis solution that consist of an image analysis software, OTMIAS ® ,  and reference standards, O-STANDARDS™. In addition to biomarker analysis, OTMIAS ®  can perform DNA ploidy cell cycle analysis, apoptosis assay, and proliferative assay, all on sections of formalin fixed and paraffin embedded tissues or cells. 





1. Per cell biomarker expression, apoptosis, and proliferation analysis (not by counting pixels like other image analysis software). 

2. The level of biomarker expression is given in units (OTMIAS®  units, or OU).

3. Truly quantitative. The amount of biomarker expression in the test sample is determined based on comparison to the levels in reference (standard) cell lines (see O-STANDARDS™).

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