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Biomarker analysis

One of the most challenging tasks in biomedical research is quantitating cellular protein expression in cell lines or tissues.  


One of the unique and strongest features of OTMIAS® is standardization, in addition to quantitation.  For OTMIAS® to work properly, sections of our standard cell blocks O-STANDARDS™ must be used. The results are reported as OTMIAS Units (OU) per cell. These units are calibrated throughout our standards, allowing investigators to get consistent reproducible results.


Biomarker analysis results are reported in a graph (top) and a table (bottom) giving the user both graphical and numerical representation of protein expression in the test samples, and easy way to set a threshold or cutoff value by moving a slider along the X axis on the graph.

OTMIAS Tutorial 2 - Biomarker Analysis from Olive Tree Media LLC on Vimeo.

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