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Limited Time Offer: Free OTMIAS Software with coupon (one year license)


Please read this entire page carefully:


How to use the coupon:


1. Go to the Online Store, select the appropriate version of OTMIAS software, click Buy Now.

2. Fill in your contact information then proceed to the next page. 

3. In the section titled “Your Order” copy and paste the coupon code into the empty square then click “Update Coupon” then proceed with the order.

4. The Coupon Code for the Mac version is: MWP6E9V4LDH774PA92M3V5HG

5. The Coupon Code for the Windows version is: HDF453K9A34Z77846NWZ493

6. Download and use the practice files at the bottom of this page.





1. To be able to install and use the software on your computer, you must have Administrator privileges on the computer.

2. Once you receive an email with the activation code, you may install the software on two separate computers.

3. You should have a relatively modern computer with current generation processor and a minimum of 16 GB of RAM (32 GB or more preferred).

4. The Mac version works well with the latest Mac OS X Sierra.  The Windows version works with Windows 7 with the latest updates. It has also been tested with Windows 10 without significant issues.

5. You may use your own controls for Biomarker Analysis, but results will be relative to your own control values and although the results will be given in OU (Otmias Units) but may be impossible to correlate with results obtained by others who may use different controls.

6. If you use your own positive and negative controls for Biomarker Analysis (instead of OSTANDARDS),  you should : 

    a. Name the positive control image “201-GB A.TIFF” 

    b. Name your negative control image “201-GB B.TIFF”

    c. all image names should end with “.TIFF”

7. all test samples and controls should be stained by immunohistochemistry (IHC) in the same batch. Make sure the counterstain with hematoxylin is dark enough so the software can detect and classify negative cells, but not too dark to obscure IHC staining.

8. make sure your digital microscope camera is not set for auto anything (no auto white balance, no auto gain, etc) to ensure all images are taken using identical settings.

9. capture all your images of your test samples, positive and negative controls, and the light correction or light control image (a blank clean area of one of the stained slide with no cells, tissue or any other object) at 20X microscope objective as TIFF images. These should have been stained in one batch together.

10. it may be necessary to do the analysis in batches to avoid overwhelming your computer memory (RAM). Consider analyzing  4-6 images of test samples at a time plus the controls for a computer with 16-32 GB ram. Make sure all slides from each batch for analysis have the appropriate control images in the same folder. If you divide images from a large project into several folders, copy positive and negative and light control images into each folder.

11. please remember that each image name must end with .TIFF and if this is not visible in the image name please add it manually. 

12. you swill have to activate the software and you must have an internet connection.

13. you will not be able to do SPF (proliferative activity) without our calibrated standards (O-STANDARDS).

14. Read the instructions provided above very carefully; keep a copy for easy access. Also, please watch the Biomarker Analysis tutorial. There will be no technical or other support with this free offer.


Download the practice files:

Use the practice files when you go through the tutorial videos for DNA Ploidy and Image Analysis. Click on each Zip file to download it, then unzip it and move the folder with its contents to your computer desktop, documents folder, or any other location on your computer. Open each folder and make sure each image file ends with “.TIFF” and if not add it manually. 

Click on the Zip images below to download: the one on the left is for DNA Ploidy, and the one on the right is for Biomarker Analysis

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